Are you feeling stuck in your current model of practice as a doctor?  Do you feel frustrated by continuously prescribing medications, that often cause your patients to have more side-effects without long-lasting outcomes?  Do you feel limited by your 5-15 minute consultations, or even burnt-out by the high rate of patient turnover?  

Entering into the medical field to help patients, GPs in particular find that their time is increasingly restricted, preventing them from spending the quality time that they wish to bestow onto each patient. This restricted time can lead to restricted thinking, as presenting symptoms are immediately equated to an obvious solution - a treatment plan which may not be the bespoke care the patient needs. Finding your true purpose transcends your calling, profession, passion, vocation and even mission. Living your purpose, depicted in the Venn Diagram, is what leads to true fulfilment and fully sharing your talents with the world.

You may be wanting more for your practice, fulfilment as a doctor and for your patients. Patients are also becoming more educated and informed about their symptoms, and are looking for doctors to help them along this journey.

Move past symptom suppression and disease management. Get better, longer-lasting patient outcomes - practice as the doctor you always wanted to be, improving the health of communities and not just treating disease. Build a more rewarding practice. Get the best tools for preventing and reversing modern chronic illness with training you can immediately and effectively use in the real world.

"The Purpose Venn Diagram is a simplistic overview about where our current work situation is located. It provides us a starting point to reflect on if we might miss an aspect in our current (work) life and what that aspect could be. The Purpose Venn Diagram helps us to create a more balanced work situation."

What makes IIM different?

  • Affordable accredited training in integrative medicine for Doctors
  • Internationally qualified and experienced trainers
  • CPD training for SA doctors
  • Accessible training – live seminars, webinars (even if abroad)
  • Admission to high-grade supplements and/or protocols for members or IIM accredited Doctors
  • Members-only FB group
  • Expert Committee for case studies