Training Courses

After completion of the courses, you will receive accreditation and membership into the College of Integrative Medicine. 

You will also receive CPD points for modules attended.

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IIM In the press

IIM Certified Integrative Medical Doctor (ICIMD) - Course Breakdown


Introducing Functional Medicine into Practice

Introduction to the different concepts of integrative, functional and anti-ageing medicine. Tools for conducting integrative assessments and consultations will be discussed and applied to a case study.

Available Online Immediately


GI system

This module focuses on the physiology and pathophysiology of digestive disorders including the gut-brain axis, microbiome and gut permeability. Integrative testing and nutritional treatment protocols will be discussed.

Available Online from 1 June 2020


Adrenal dysfunction – stress, HPTAG axis

An overview of the HPTAG axis and steroidogenic pathway. The phases of adrenal dysfunction, stress, tests, and integrative interventions will be discussed.

Available Online Immediately



This module provides an overview of the HPTAG axis and interrelationships of these hormones, including thyroid dysfunction and hormonal changes in male/females. Integrative approaches to managing hormone deficiencies, BIHRT, supplements will be discussed.

Available Online Immediately



This module focuses on the pathophysiology of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases including CHD, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, diabetes. Topics covered include glycaemic control, oxidation, nutrigenomics, risk factor testing, and treatment protocol.

Upcoming Presentation Dates:

28 August 2020 • 12h30 - 17h00

18 September 2020 • 12h30 - 17h00



This module provides an understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of detox systems. Environmental stressors toxic loads, laboratory assessment and Protocols for metabolic detoxification will be discussed.

Upcoming Presentation Dates:

30 October 2020 • 12h30 - 17h00

27 November 2020 • 12h30 - 17h00


Brain Health

This module assesses the pathophysiology and causes of neurological disease, including psychological/psychiatric syndromes, and the gut-immune-brain connection. Protocols for healthy brain function will be explored.


Mitochondrial Function/Energy

This module reviews mitochondrial dysfunction and how this influences disease, cell restoration, and the impact of oxidative stress focusing on fatigue syndromes. Integrative treatment to support restoration and maintenance will be discussed.


Immune System

The module examines the process of inflammation, autoimmune diseases and allergies. Causes and approaches to patient evaluations, testing and treatment protocols will be discussed.



The module will cover the biochemical basis and causes of weight gain, a structured approach to weight loss including pharmacology, diets/supplements and behavioural change.



This module covers causes of musculoskeletal disorders, including fibromyalgia, and an integrative approach to pain. Testing and treatment protocols will be discussed.



This module explores the underlying pathophysiology of cell dysfunction and DNA repair. The combination of conventional therapy with integrative therapeutic approaches will be discussed, with protocols to support treatment, remission and prevention.

STARTER package

6 Modules

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17 850.00

Normal Price: R21 000.00

  • Online Video Course with questionnaires 
  • Attend Module 1 Free
  • CPD Points
  • Free Online Workbook

Feedback from our students:

“Really enjoyed the teaching, it was very informative yet easy to understand. I applied the principles in my practice that Monday, and experienced much better history taking to structure an integrative medicine intervention with!”

“Very informative, look forward to the next one”

“Thank you for your insightful teaching. I look at chronic conditions and complex patients in a whole new way!

“I loved the teaching and also that this course leads to a certification; this is really important to have structured training.”

“Thanks for arranging the CPD accreditation, now I can focus my attention only on this course and get all my CPD credit for the year as well!”

“The teacher is excellent - clear and helpful teaching. I feel I have a new lease on how I can practice medicine, how I always hoped to practice”

“Wonderful experience, I learnt a lot”

“Great, I want to get more training and knowledge PLEASE”

Frequently asked Questions

Course duration and certification

You will obtain Basic Certification after six modules in 2020, and you may continue to Advanced Certification (ICIMD) with the option to apply for Fellowship (FIIM) after completion of all 12 modules and one final exam.

What is the format of the exams

MCQ plus case study. 

How much time on average will I have to spend on the study material?

The course is designed for busy practitioners so that the core content can be covered in the training session. Additional reading can be done as per area of interest or identified gaps. Your training manual per module can be revised for the final exam.

Will I be required to do assignments?

A case study will be required after 12 modules to obtain the certification. 

Will I receive CPD points?

Yes, for Modules 2 - 12, you will receive 7 CPD points per module attended. For the "Functional Medicine in Practice" you will receive 3 CPD points. You will receive a CPD certificate for each module attended.

Can I attend online?

All our modules will be available after the live training days to complete online in your own private portal.

Where is the training location?

Institute of Integrative Medicine - Unit 7, Mooikloof Office Park West, Corner of Atterbury Road and Jollify Main Road, Pretoria, 0081

What forms of payment do you accept?

Once we receive your info we will send you an invoice, on the invoice, there is a payment link where you can pay via Credit Card or Instant EFT.

If you prefer to do a manual EFT, you can find the banking details on your invoice and send us proof of payment to [email protected]

If you make an online payment via Credit Card or Instant EFT, there is no need for a proof of payment.

Do I have to attend all the modules?

To qualify for ICIMD Certification, you will have to attend all 12 modules. If you are not interested in the certification, you are welcome only to attend the modules you are interested in.

Module 1 (Functional Medicine in Practice) is required before attending any other modules. Module 1 will be presented in the morning (8h30 - 12h00) before every module. Modules 2-12 will be presented in the afternoon (12h30 - 17h00) after module 1.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We offer a 3-month interest-free payment plan and discount if you buy either the Basic Certification Package (Modules 1-6 with a 15% Discount) or the Advanced Certification Package (Modules 1-12 with a 25% Discount). We do not offer a payment plan if you purchase the modules separately.

Is there any pre-course study work?

All the information you require will be provided at the lecture. If you are required to do additional study after the lecture, the information will be given to you during the lecture.

What does it cost to complete the ICIMD Certification?

To qualify for fellowship, you will have to complete all 12 modules and pass the certification exam.

Single Modules: R3 500 when purchased separately

If you purchase 6 modules at the same time, you will receive a 15% discount totalling R17 850.00 (you save R3 150.00)

If you purchase Modules 1 to 12 at the same time, you will receive a 25% discount totalling R31 500.00 (you save R10 500.00) The price includes the Certification Exam.

Certification Exam: R1000.00 (to be completed after completing 12 modules). If you purchase the full package, the price of the exam is already included as a bonus.

Training Location

Institute of Integrative Medicine

Building 7,
Mooikloof Office Park West,
C/O Atterbury Road And Jollify Main Road,
Pretoria, 0081

Directions from Johannesburg:

Head north on the N1
Take the Atterbury Road offramp and drive back over the N1 towards Menlyn Shopping Centre.
Drive straight for 9km on Atterbury Road
Turn right into Jollify Main Road.
At the stop sign turn right into Mooikloof Office Park West.