Integrative medicine is not Alternative Medicine or Complementary Medicine. It is built on three pillars:

Pillar 1: Lifestyle Management
Pillar 2: Management of the Underlying Dysfunctions
Pillar 3: Treatment of Disease

Gain more knowledge and skills to treat chronic conditions

Improve your treatment protocols

Ultimately create better community service provision

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Dr Janine Martins

Dr Janine Martins

Academic Director

About the Author

Dr Martins is a Medical Doctor and Psychologist, published author and speaker with 20 years professional experience in the health sector. She has a background in Chemical Pathology having worked at the National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) in South Africa and University of Pretoria. She has a PhD from the University of Oxford in Public Health and the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism in the UK, investigating the effects of nutrition on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cholesterol.

Dr Martins further specialised as an Aesthetics & Integrative Doctor (Functional Medicine) focusing on nutrition, women’s health, chronic diseases and anti-ageing, with skills in mind-mapping, acupuncture and lifestyle management.